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                          Manager/Technical Leader
                          職位編號 J024587
                          所在地 上海市 
                          Key requirement: BS/MS, in CS, EE or related field Programming experiences with Perl, Shell scripts or Python Familiar with TCP/IP protocols Experiences with networking device testing, such as switch, router, and firewalls; Good English communication skills At least 5years experience in auto testing field Programming experiences with other languages/Tools are plus: C++, c#, JAVA Semiconductor equipment industry experience and SEMI standard knowledge are plus
                          Job Purpose: Developing automatic software testing strategy, feasibility, technology, and initial framework development. Key responsibilities: Develop automation test cases using scripts and other languages when necessary Build and maintain automation test beds that including networking devices, and Windows machines Keep tracking automation progress and automation results, troubleshoot automation failures, and work with QA and developers on reporting product defects Develop scripts tools for QA and developm team to improve test efficiency